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Basic Essentials

This book has been carefully compiled to include all the basic kalimas, duas, hadiths, surahs and other aspects that are essential for Muslims in their daily life. The content in this book is from reception age all the way up to Year 8, a total of nine year period. Students can work their way through the book according to their age and ability. Lessons also include;

  • Practical Wudhu
  • Practical Salaah
  • Asmaa ul Husnaa
  • 40 Hadith
  • 9 year curriculum
  • Broken down for easy learning

Revision  incorporated

Basic Essentials


As salaamu alaykum, Alhumdulillah, with Allah Most High's help, Islamiyah Series has completed the Basic Essentials for Muslims. This book is intended to be taught alongside the other books in the Islamiyah Series. The course material is spread out over a nine year period so as to enable it to be taught piecemeal according to the age and ability of the child. This will provide extensive opportunities for students to learn the lessons with ease and also to put into practice what has been learnt.